How to shop for an engagement ring

So, things have gotten pretty serious. What’s next? Do you go shopping by yourself? Do you hint around about her secret pinterest board? Do you shop together?

There is no wrong answer to these questions. After almost seven years of working in a jewelry store, I can tell you I have seen all types.

Engagement ring 1


Look online to get ideas: We love it when you already have an idea of what you like, even if you just know you want rose gold, or if you must have an oval cut diamond.

Be honest: I have had some engaged couples try on a ring I hand them and politely say they like it because they don’t want to be rude. Its fine; we all like different things. If you’re not crazy about it, just say so.

Try different things: If I could count the times an engaged couple came in and said “We do NOT want a ring with a halo…” and what do they end up picking out? Exactly. Rings look different in person than online and they look different on your hand than on someone else’s. Don’t be afraid to try on different things you didn’t think you would ever like.

Tell your budget: Be sure that you say what you would like to spend on the ring, no matter what your budget is. This helps so much. You don’t want to see things that are simply out of your price range.

Sleep on it: We don’t expect you to know what you want right away so take your time and don’t rush to a conclusion. The last thing anyone wants is a hasty purchase as this can often end in regret.

Do your homework: You don’t have to be a diamond expert when you walk into a store but it does help if you familiarize yourself with the 4cs and also explore the difference between platinum and 18K gold.

Consider what she does for work: If she is a hair stylist, nurse or working with children she may want something that doesn’t stick up so high, so it can be worn with rubber gloves, or doesn’t have prongs on top that would scratch.



Don’t Settle: If you have an exact ring that has stolen your heart, don’t settle for anything less. This is something that you’ll have on your finger the rest of your life.

Don’t bring friends: Time and time again we have had women come in with their best friend or a whole group of friends. Sometimes this can cause jealousy or could sway you from what you really want. Just because your bestie doesn’t want it, doesn’t mean it’s not the ring for you.

Don’t forget the band: If you are more traditional and want a wedding band to match your engagement ring, make sure there is a matching band available or one that looks good next to it.

Don’t put size over quality: Who wants a 2ct diamond if it looks like a piece of salt? The four Cs are very important when it comes to diamond shopping. We want you to have  a diamond that sparkles!

Don’t buy blindly: If you are purchasing online or from an individual, be extremely careful. Without insight from a Jeweler or Gemologist it can be easy to get fooled into what you think is a good deal,  especially if this diamond does not come with a certification.


After your purchase: Once you have chosen the one ring to rule them all, consider this.

Get an appraisal: It is very important to have your ring appraised for insurance purposes. Sometimes this is a free service offered with your ring at time of purchase, other times it can have a fee. You can put it under your homeowners insurance or go through another company that just offers jewelry insurance.

Share photos, tag your jeweler: This is exciting; you’re engaged! Show that ring off, share your engagement story, post a photo on your jewelers Facebook page; they will really appreciate the shout out.

Regular checkups: Everything takes maintenance. I recommend visiting your jeweler quarterly for a quick check and clean or even more often when you’re shopping in the area, especially rings with small side diamonds that have an easier chance of becoming loose.

Take it off: That’s right. You love your ring, but it’s not indestructible. When you’re at the gym or working around the house it’s always the best idea to take it off as to not cause harm.


Thanks for reading!  I hope you found this informative. If you have any questions just comment below, or send me an email. All photos are of some of my lovely brides and grooms wedding rings. More images found here. Remember, sharing is caring!

xoxo Sally