Finally, a solution for those unsightly hair bands on your wrist *with code*

Attention my lovely, long haired ladies, my girls with curls, and my ponytailed princesses! Stop what you’re doing and focus all your attention on the amazing, shiny thing I bring to you today! (Queue the brilliant light from heaven and the chorus of angels’ voices).

We all know the #struggle with wanting to look “put together”, but also needing that little rubber band around our wrists, just in case we need to throw our hair back.  I have faced my hairband battle for years, it’s like a little security blanket around my wrist.  I always feel safe having one, maybe two (just in case one snaps) hair bands around my wrist at all times.  I mean, come on, it’s a necessity!

However, noticing photos of myself, it is kind of an eyesore… Every photo I am in, there’s my visible hair tie!

hair tie photos


A few months ago I came across Bittersweet, by the lovely Maria Shireen!  Finally, a cute stylish way to wear our hairbands!  I purchased the Classic Design Steel Trio.


In her “about me”, Maria Shireen explains how her engineer husband created the bracelet for her as a gift, not only to create a stylish look for her hair band, but also to relieve pressure from the band and from leaving indentations on her wrist.. How precious is that?!   Their bracelets have since grown in popularity and they have a patent pending on their amazing bracelets.  Not only that, but they have been featured on many news stations, fashion magazines, talk shows, and more! As it states on their website “Since launching in early 2015, Maria Shireen has been sold in over 35 countries. Our promise is simple. We make functional fashion accessories that are smart and sophisticated, versatile and unique, just like the women, young ladies and girls who wear them.”



Since first finding out about these spectacular bracelets, I have become a little obsessed. Since I own every color, my next mission will be to buy new styles.  I am always on the hunt now for different colored hair ties to match my outfits!  Not only can they also dress up an outfit, I find myself wearing it with my yoga pants and sneakers. I have had a blast styling my bracelets!


My most common pairing is the rose gold bracelet and ivory hairband to match my Apple Watch.


For a more simple look –  my gold bracelet, gold thumb ring (which never comes off), and signet ring.


I love stacking!  Here is my silver with my red Soho Bracelet , another one of my favorite parings.


For those of you ladies who don’t like the thicker hairbands, you can also use two skinny ones in your bracelet too!


Like I said, alllllllllllll of the colors!

      I am continually amazed at how many women notice mine.  People always think it is just a piece of jewelry, and when I explain the purpose, they are pleasantly surprised.  One of my biggest pet peeves is photographing a wedding or an engagement shoot where my bride/bridesmaids/mother of the bride, has that troublesome little band on their wrist!  Now, I just want to tell everyone that there is a perfect solution!


      Now, for the really exciting part!  I am teaming up with Bittersweet and offering my readers 15% off on their entire purchase!  All you have to do is put the code MISSSALLY into the discount code box and enjoy the savings!  This code is good the entire month thru 4/30/2016!  Now is your time to stock up, these make the perfect gift!

Thanks for reading, feel free to pass on this great deal!  Stay tuned for the blog that Maria Shireen will be writing called Her Words, launching soon!

xoxo Sally